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McGree Trucking

Serving the Butte-Silver Bow Area Since 1949

Since 1949, McGree Trucking has been serving the refuse, garbage, and waste collection needs of the Butte-Silver Bow area. Along with both the residential and business trash collection services, McGree Trucking also offers curbside recycling! 

About McGree Trucking

McGree Trucking has always been a family run business. Family roots and ties shine through in all aspects of the business from the office to the daily drivers. Our mission as a business is to work hard to support the community. McGree Trucking offers both residential and business trash collection, along with residential curbside recycling. We get to work before the sun shines so we can be there to help you throughout the day!


We offer a number of different services including residential trash collection, residential curbside recycling, business/commercial trash collection, and special order dumpsters. Our dumpsters are available in multiple sizes ranging from 4 cubic yards up to 30 cubic yards. During busy months, we often have a waitlist for our dumpsters. 

If you would like to check your can number, visit the Residential Collection page and fill out the form.




Recycling Collection

Business/Contractor Collection


Recycle Calendar

Recycling is collected on Wednesdays and Thursdays of every other week, depending on your location. Our drivers start early in the morning, so please pull your recycle bin outside the night prior to your collection.

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