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Residential Collection

Residential trash collection in the Butte-Silver Bow city limits is a service we provide under contract with the Butte-Silver Bow. Trash is collected weekly and the cost is included in property taxes. Areas outside city limits can sign up directly with McGree Trucking for trash collection, in which the customer will be billed for the service. If you would like to sign up for trash collection, check your can number, or would like to request an extra can, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you to confirm your order within one business day. 

Our drivers start early in the morning to collect trash. If a request for service comes before 11am, we will attempt to provide same day service. If the request is later in the day, we will provide service the following business day. If you need to request service, please start a chat below or call, and we will be happy to assist! 

Please Note: refrigerators, freezers, oil, tires, and paint are not allowed to be dumped in our cans. 


Residential Trash Collection
Sign up, Order an Extra Can, or Check Your Can Number

How would you like to be contacted?
If you are ordering an extra can, would you like to pick it up or have it delivered?

Thank you for filling out the form! Once we have received your form, we will reach out to you to complete your order! Please allow one business day for us to reach out.

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